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York: Chocolate, Vikings, Ghosts & Kings
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York is not only is it rich in culture, history and heritage but there is also plenty going on. From festivals, arts and culture events, great shopping opportunities and some of the best tourist attractions in Europe (if not the world). York is full of interesting stories, spooky tales and fascinating historical characters. York was of course the inspiration behind the naming of New York city and state in America and the area has brought us the beloved Yorkshire Pudding, Yorkshire terriers and arguably the best cup of tea in Britain. You may be familiar with the Yorkshire Pudding as a delicious accompaniment to your roast beef, but true Yorkshire folk know that the pudding is just as good when served as a sweet treat with butter and sugar or even as a starter with a rich onion gravy.

They call crumpets pikelets, and if they call you cock or cocker then it's only a term of affection. A number of celebrated characters from the Brontë sisters to Wallace and Gromit, David Hockney to Sean Bean, Kevin Keegan, Brian Blessed and Jarvis Cocker, Michael Parkinson and Alan Bennett all hail from Yorkshire.

We're starting our walking tour at the York Brewery which is close to the train station, park and ride system and numerous car parks. We'll chat about the chocolate, meet some vikings, look out for ghosts and hear about murderous kings on this tour.

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The Changing Face of York
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This tour explores the southern stretch of the River Ouse in York. The commentary considers the impact of the river on the development of the City, the redevelopment of the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Works, and the importance of horse racing. It is full of variety, and includes elements of geography and geology as well as much about the history of the area.

For some background if you follow this link for the Ordnance Survey map published in 1853  you will see that this area was almost all fields at this time.

Then look at the Ordnance Survey map published in 1932, where you will see many changes.

Perhaps the best place for a drink and something to eat is the Winning Post on Bishopthorpe Road (just a couple of hundred metres north of the junction with Campleshon Road). 

This walk was designed by John Stevens, with the support of Susan Major. Thanks to Anne Houson for recording the text, and to Giles Cookson from the Card Index for letting us use some of his postcard views. John Stevens took all the photos except where specified.

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History of South Bank in York
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This walk around South Bank in York will point out some historical features from the last 100 years and earlier.

South Bank is a densely packed area of housing, bordering the Bishopthorpe Rd as it travels southwards from the centre of York. It lies between the River Ouse and the racecourse.

Most of the housing here is around 100 years old or more, with long straight streets of small houses opening directly onto pavements. These were built by developers 100 years ago in a growing opportunity to make money out of land. They housed artisans and other workers who desperately needed places to live near to the new factories.

The exception is the Nunthorpe estate of red-brick semi-detached houses, built in the 1930s on a plot of land near the centre of the area. 

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