Sevilla World Heritage Sites

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Sevilla has so much to offer the visitor that we have created two tours that work as a unit so you can experience the city without rushing from spot to spot. This portion, our Sevilla World Heritage Sites tour, begins and ends in Plaza Virgen de los Reyes.

The plaza is located in Barrio Santa Cruz on the side closest to the Guadalquivir River. From wherever you are, look skyward; the Cathedral and Giralda Tower are landmarks that make navigating easy and both are visible from any spot in the city. Three of the most famous spots in the world are centered on, or immediately adjacent to, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes so that is where we are headed.

Gaze in awe and perhaps light a candle in the magnificent Sevilla Cathedral; walk up the Giralda Tower for the most incredible views of Sevilla; explore the mysteries of El Real Alcázar (the royal palace and gardens), and discover hidden treasures in the Archivo de Indias. You'll find yourself amazed that so much history from three civilizations is located side-by-side and within mere footsteps of each other.

When you are ready for a break there are any number of delightful cafés, bars and restaurants in the vicinity so take your time and experience the wonders of Sevilla as Spaniards do. Relax in the orange blossom laden air, enjoy a café con leche or an icy cold Manzanilla, (Spanish for chamomile), the superb very distinctive fino (very dry) sherry while dining on some of the best food in the country. Food in Sevilla begins with fresh so eating healthy is almost unavoidable. The best way to find a good spot is to look for places where the locals outnumber the visitors.

You can listen to all the stories on the web but the best and most comprehensive experience includes GPS navigation and can be found at izi.TRAVEL app. Just as a reminder: each stop along the walk is indicated by the attraction name and number. The relevant section will be played automatically when you get to the stop but you always can play it manually. Used together, both tours will guide you through one of the most vibrant and wonderful cities in Spain.

This traveler’s hint – never be without your camera! Just ask Denise Marie Shea of Tampa, Florida or me. Fluent in Spanish, Denise has made numerous trips to Spain, the Azores, San Salvador and Puerto Rico – always with camera in hand. She has graciously shared many of her personal photos for this tour; my photographic contributions are far fewer than hers. ( http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/denise-shea.html )

And now it is time to get to know one of the most incredible cities on earth!

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Cathedral de Sevilla
Cathedral de Sevilla

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  • 1. Cathedral de Sevilla
  • 2. Inside Cathedral de Sevilla
  • 3. The Giralda Tower
  • 4. Royal Alcázar de Sevilla
  • 5. Archivo General de Indias