San Francisco

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Haight Ashbury - Icons of the Summer of Love
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Haight Ashbury is a thriving district in San Francisco, where cultures and colorful Victorian houses blend together. Made famous by the hippie movement in the 1960s, Haight Ashbury was the turbulent epicenter of rebellion, psychedelic mindset, and famous singers.

Take a trip down memory lane to see some famous landmarks of the 1967 Summer of Love and to discuss how this period of history became a countercultural revolution.

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San Francisco - City of Hills
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Welcome to San Francisco - the 12th most popular city in the United States.
San Francisco is a popular international tourist destination, known for its chilly summer fog, steep hills and an eclectic mix of modern and Victorian architecture.

In the tour of San Francisco - City of Hills, you will definitely take a look at the famous Golden Gate Bridge and its marvelous architecture. Also, you will visit the most crooked street in the world and hear more about the American incarceration in Alcatraz Island and prisoners' attempts to escape from it. For panoramic views over the city and the bay, you will be heading to Coit Tower and visit entertainment places full of tourists, locals, and even seals!

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San Francisco: The Heart of Downtown
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This tour goes to three places that are at the heart of downtown San Francisco: Union Square, the Embarcadero, and Chinatown. 

Chinatown is of course one of the city’s biggest tourist draws where you can get to taste the traditional Chinese cuisine and discover a variety of bakeries, souvenir shops, cocktail lounges, and herbalists. Union Square is surrounded by shopping areas, hotels and theatres. The plaza pulses with the city’s energy, and is the best place to get tickets for everything that’s going on here, from plays to music to bike rides. From there, we’ll wander down Market Street, check out a few historic earthquake landmarks, then continue down to the Embarcadero, on the edge of the Bay. The old Ferry Building on the Embarcadero is now the heart of the city’s foodie culture, and you just can’t spend time in San Francisco without treating yourself to the incredible diversity of foods there. 

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