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Rome: Travel Back to the Past
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Here we are in one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world: Rome.
Few are the people unfamiliar with the saying; “when in Rome, do as the Romans!” And even if you are new to the expression, today is the day to walk in the footsteps of the Romans, to learn about ancient life here in this historic and exiting city, and to let your imagination take you back to the times of the Roman Empire.

This tour will take you to various ancient landmarks as well as less-known places, where you will be amazed how little has changed since its glory days 2000 years ago! See where the Romans used to hold the famous gladiator games, where the Senate was once ruling the entire Roman Empire that was at its peak included all the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

You will hear lots of mysterious legends: from magical alchemy door to serpents and Roman gods. You will take a look at the smallest island in the world, learn more about the rivalry between Raphael and Michelangelo, and visit places that are both, picturesque and loved by locals. 

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A Walk Through the Eternal City
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Welcome to Rome - the eclectic "eternal city"!

Rome is a place packed with history, great architecture, and rooted culture. It is here, where you get to witness the religious world of the Catholic Church, gaze into remarkable ruins of the Roman Empire as well as meet the modern and bustling city. 

This tour has a great mix of the most prominent places of Rome and several sites which are sometimes skipped by tourists even though it is definitely worth visiting. Most probably you know where gladiator fights have started but do you know where Julius Caesar was killed or have you ever heard the romantic legend of the Turtle Fountain, no? Then this tour is definitely for you.

Ancient sites, ornate fountains, elegant squares, iconic baroque places, and much more await you. Ready to explore the fabulous Rome?

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Another Rome
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Rome is called the “Eternal City” and to get to know Rome, see all the places and hear all its stories would take an eternity. Maybe that is why many tourists return to Rome again and again to discover something new that they missed last time.
If you have visited Rome before or have time to visit sites that are not mentioned in the regular tour guides, you are welcome to visit “another Rome”. This is a collection of places that date back to ancient times as well as from the modern period. You can find out on this tour where the best panoramic view of Rome can be found and the story about Michelangelo and Raphael’s rivalry.
The majority of the tour’s locations are situated in the city center near the Tiber and, moreover, you will see both banks of the river.
It is recommended that you visit may spots on foot, but some places can be reached only by public transport, and the fastest and more convenient way is the subway. The subway in Rome has only two lines and only one station – Termini, the central railway station.
If you set out from Termini, it’s better to take subway line B (blue) towards Laurentina and get off at the Piramide stop where our tour begins