Memories of Early La Pau and La Verneda

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For those looking to explore urban areas outside the city center, this walking tour will guide you through the social movements, communities and the development of the city of Barcelona. 

The name of Verneda refers to some of the trees that grow outside the rivers, the verns. The neighborhood is closely related to La Pau, which means “Peace”. These districts form an urban and social community where we can see how together, preservation and peace have manifested in the neighborhood and community collectives. The first group of houses was promoted by the Municipal Housing Board, in the 50's and was a popular area for immigrant workers in Barcelona through the later half of the 19th century. In this walking tour, we explore the story behind this community; the history of life in the area, and the social movements behind urban development of this neighborhood. Get ready to take a step back in time and experience the story of urban immigrant life, trials, tribulations and ultimately, prosperity.

Audio tour developed by „Mementos: The Pursuit of Peace in Early La Pau and La Verneda“ and powered by IZI.Travel

Image Barcelona skyscrapers by Maciek Lulko



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Memories of Early La Pau and La Verneda
Memories of Early La Pau and La Verneda

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  • 1. Memories of Early La Pau and La Verneda
  • 2. Community Garden and Museum
  • 3. History of Immigration in Catalonia Museum
  • 4. 👣 The Emergence of Vertical Barracks
  • 5. Placa de Fernando de los Rios
  • 6. Placa La Pau
  • 7. Piramidion Centre D'Art Contemporani
  • 8. 👣 La Perona
  • 9. Placa De La Palmera De Sant Marti
  • 10. Progressive Development
  • 11. Intersection of Roads