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Gems of the Red Light District
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This tour will take you around Red Light District of Amsterdam. This area does not need an introduction, however, we want to show you that there is much more to it than it seems. Red Light District does not only host prostitutes, but also the most beautiful and unique churches. History of prostitution here goes back a few centuries and its development has been closely intertwined with the development of the city and the whole country. With this tour we want to give an insight as well as prospective.

We will guide you through Red Light District and provide you with some historical background, modern jokes and local legends to create the most exceptional experience possible.

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Typical Amsterdam
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What image pops up when you think of Amsterdam? The canals, the ‘red light district’, or the paintings of the old Dutch masters? It’s all possible. For there are many traits that make Amsterdam so unique. Items that give this city its distinct, free appearance and yet have their roots firmly planted in the past.

In this Tour, we will tell you more about everything that is typically Amsterdam. By the means of remarkable stories you will discover what it is that makes Amsterdam so special. And of course, we will take a walk around the old city center. So you can have a taste of its ambiance and experience what it is that gives this city its distinctive character.


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The Amsterdam Canal District
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Beautiful canal houses, world famous museums and bustling market squares. All these historic architecture and culture comes into this tour. We walk along the most beautiful places in and around the Amsterdam canals.

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Image Amsterdam by Manos Chainakis

Amsterdam on the waterside
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Plantage Amsterdam – The Cultural Garden of Amsterdam. The Plantage Amsterdam is a unique location in the eastern part of the city’s center where culture, history, nature, and science come together. This walk lasts approximately an hour and takes you on a journey past canals, Amsterdam's famous museums, parks, impressive architecture, art scenes, unknown streets, and the best places to enjoy a drink or quick lunch.

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